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    Pure keto macadamia nuts Brazil nuts walnuts definitely do your research yes you're going keto because some nuts are really really good they're high in fat um moderate protein you kind of want to find a ratio that's like two one so like two fat to one protein if it's switched then sometimes if you eat too much you're getting too much protein in your diet but even asleep um that's fine Oh bear sorry our puppy is very high maintenance very high-energy I'm gonna get a frozen thing yes you might throw it off to the ground but

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    Keto Buzz next thing is that sorry those a lot of noise and then I was using MCT oil powder which is kind of halfway between

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    Marathon Keto health okay another thing with E I'm not huge in eating meat I'm not vegetarian I'm not vegan I've tried it in the past it messed me up I just think that having flesh I'd say that you're not just having now move flesh

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    Simply Fit Keto ready go ahead my zucchini was too small so I'm gonna make this recipe but I'm gonna make it a layered lasagna and I you e hungry at about 11:30 I think so I had the wonder slim pretzels cuz I actually really liked them the wonder slim pretzels with some mustard and then I had a wonder slim rich chocolate caramel bar and I'm like I don't know it's I get to the point where I just want to say eff it I don't want to say eff it because I still have 28 pounds I want to lose but I say to myself okay at least I'm not eating like a whole bag of Doritos or cake or cookies or something like that but could I have gotten away with not eating the bar and

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    Keto Rapid Max brand these are just a vegan and chicken tenders we buy the chicken burgers the beef burgers the beef what's it called what's about the beef you put in a spaghetti sauce goes your grill the veggie ground round you can get Mexican and you can get regular and Italian yeah so it's super good for like taco nights different things like that and it actually tastes like me I haven't eaten meat in like five years if recursive hasn't been that long it's been like a year and a half for like two years so he has about a memory of it but he really

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    Pure Forskolin Slim Diet who are not going to stand up for themselves and they take advantage of them right so they'll go in and they've picked on me I mean it wasn't too crazy I mean yes you get pushed around and stuff when people grab you by the shirt collar and slamming up against the lockers and humiliating you but I never really did get like a serious shit knocking thank God I mean I never did but I got it was to the point where I was Mille ated and embarrassed I used to hate going to school because I you know afraid to walk down the hall it's like who's

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